45 Park Lane’s Sushi Kanesaka awarded Michelin star

We are thrilled to announce that Sushi Kanesaka has been awarded its first Michelin star in the “Michelin Guide Great Britain & Ireland 2024”, just seven months after opening. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal customers for their continued support.


“I have worked with an elite team of sushi chefs, including one from our Tokyo restaurant, to bring traditional Japanese food culture and our passion for sushi to 45 Park Lane in the heart of London. We are honored and privileged to have been selected as a one-star restaurant in the Michelin Guide Great Britain & Ireland. We look forward to continuing to provide our guests with true essence of Edo-mae sushi and the experience that only a traditional omakase sushi restaurant can offer.”

― Shinji Kanesaka


We will continue to strive for even greater dedication to provide delicious sushi that is recognized around the world.


鮨かねさか 金坂真次 Sushi Kanesaka Shinji Kanesaka



One sushi, one soul

Our desire is to create sushi that is perfectly balanced, like the Chinese character "一" (which means "1"). The character looks like just a horizontal line, but it is difficult to write it beautifully; the process of how to begin, how to turn, and how to stop all matter. Not only the taste itself but also the beauty at the sight and the movements in making sushi constitute the daintiness of our sushi.
We make each one of our sushi in traditional Edomae-style, with our artistic craftsmanship and deep cordiality.
The trinity of three elements of sushi combines together: ingredients, vinegared rice and wasabi. We serve our sushi with careful consideration of the temperature, humidity and ripeness so that you can enjoy the perfect balance of the trinity when you put it in your mouth.

Dignity and sense

We hope our guests to fully enjoy their moment at our restaurant. The interior of our restaurant is designed in a traditional and simplistic style so that our services with craftsmanship and appreciations will stand out at the counter as the "stage".
All the woods used for our restaurant are of the finest, selected quality. Our restaurant has dignified atmosphere starting from the "noren"(the Japanese entrance curtain) through the appearance of the ceiling.
We embrace and place great importance on creating comfortable space with refreshing atmosphere as a sushi restaurant of Edomae-style, where you will enjoy our sushi as if you were watching a live dance performance at the "stage".


In the process of mastering the art of sushi, each chef polishes not only their skills and knowledge, but also their character and personality, and this is how they acquire the mind and body of a sushi chef.
We believe that "dining" is a way to make people "better". Based on this belief, Shinji Kanesaka will nurture and guide the "sushi chefs" of Sushi Kanesaka with character, intelligence, sensitivity, and reason as the foundation of his teaching.


About Shinji Kanesaka

Born in Chiba Prefecture. After immersing himself in high school baseball, he decided to become a sushi chef.
In 2000, after honing his skills for about 10 years in Tokyo, he went independent and opened his own restaurant "Sushi Kanesaka" in Ginza, Tokyo, which was awarded with 2 Michelin stars in the Michelin Guide Tokyo, and is highly popular among gourmets in Japan and abroad.
In addition, he owns a group of restaurants in Japan, as well as branches in five-star hotels and overseas.

Group Awards

  • Ginza Sushi KANESAKA
  • Michelin Stars - Michelin Guide Tokyo 2008-2023
  • The Tabelog Award 2017-2021
  • Sushiya
  • The Tabelog Award 2017-2019
  • Sushiya Shota
  • Michelin Stars - Michelin Guide Tokyo 2021-2023
  • Shinji by Kanesaka Singapore
  • The Peak G Restaurant Awards 2011-2015, 2017-2019
  • The S.Pellegrino Asian's 50 Best Restaurants 2013-2017
  • Michelin Stars - Michelin Guide Singapore 2016-2022
  • Sushi Kanesaka
  • Michelin Stars - Michelin Guide GBI 2024


  • Dec. 2000 Opened "Ginza Sushi Kanesaka" as a private business
  • Mar. 2002 Established FKS Co., Ltd.
  • Sep. 2002 Opened "Sushi Isshin"
  • May. 2008 Catering service at Cannes International Film
  • Dec. 2008 Catering service for Armani at The Peninsula Tokyo
  • Jul. 2010 Opened the first "Shinji by Kanesaka" in Singapore
  • May. 2011 Catering event in Monaco
  • Jul. 2011 Opened "Sushi Kanesaka Karuizawa" for a limited time
  • Jan. 2012 Opened the second "Shinji by Kanesaka" in Singapore
  • May. 2012 Opened "Sushi Kanesaka Palace Hotel Tokyo"
  • Oct. 2012 Opened "Sushiya"
  • Apr. 2014 Relocated the second "Shinji by Kanesaka"
  • Oct. 2014 Catering service at the 27th Tokyo International Film Festival
  • Dec. 2015 Changed the company name to "Kanesaka Co., Ltd."
  • Jan. 2016 Catering event in Thailand
  • Jul. 2019 Opened "Kobe Sushi Kanesaka"
  • Sep. 2019 Opened "The Okura Tokyo Yamazato"
  • Nov. 2019 Opened "Sushiya Shota"
  • Aug. 2020 Opened "Aoyama Sushi Kanesaka"
  • Dec. 2020 Launched "Sushi Kanesaka Online Store"
  • Jul. 2022 Opened "Nagatacho Sushi Kanesaka"
  • Jul. 2023 Opened "Sushi kanesaka" in London, UK
  • Oct. 2023 Opened "Kanesaka Hong Kong"